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PajamaGram vs. Paper Boy

By Wendy | August 27, 2007

PajamaGram To The Rescue!” (by Pete Darling)

For some time now we have been trying to get our paperboy to actually place, or otherwise deliver the paper on the front porch of our house. Delivery to the front lawn, garden and driveway where I ran over it one morning as I backed out of the garage seemed a little less than desirable. When the paper was delivered underneath the drip-edge of the front roof in a plastic bag one Sunday morning resulting in a soggy mass in a plastic bag, it was time to take action.

For many years in the past we have experienced deliveries lovingly placed between the front door and the storm door, so perhaps we’ve been spoiled. Now, however, we have a new paperboy (I’ll call him “Gorgo”) whose arm strength and accuracy needs some work. He cannot hit the porch and seems to think that getting it anywhere on the property is sufficient. Most of the neighbor’s papers are strewn all over their front lawns.

So, as a Customer Service representative I felt duty-bound and obligated to assume the responsibility for the neighborhood to contact the paper’s higher-level management chain with our dilemma. I assumed one contact would be sufficient. HAH!!! We have sent e-mails and exchanged phone calls with the paper’s Circulation Department for over a month. For a while I thought we were gaining ground on the paper delivery location to the porch dilemma. Unfortunately, for the past four weeks the paper has been delivered to the porch no more than 3 times (I’m being charitable here) and this morning (August 21, 2007) I received the following e-mail from my lovely wife Bonnie:

“Hi, Did you happen to see where the paper landed today?IN THE CRABAPPLE TREE!! It was caught on a branch so I had to use the shovel to dislodge it. If I stretched I could just about touch it, but it wouldn’t come loose until I got the shovel and gave it a good whack! I kept thinking, ‘Am I on Candid Camera??’ Thank goodness I had on my “covers-it-all” jammies from PajamaGram (Comfy To The Core PJs to be exact)! Good thing it wasn’t raining – it wouldn’t have seemed so funny if I had gotten soaking wet! Love, Me”

Envisioning Bonnie in her jammies (while still quite stylish) and swinging a snow shovel at the crabapple tree while standing knee-deep in the garden must have been a sight to behold!! It could have been a winner on AFV TV – and she did indeed get the paper.

I have submitted yet another e-mail to the Circulation Department manager a mere few minutes ago describing this latest event. It remains to be seen whether or not we will be successful in our quest for proper paper placement. We will monitor and perhaps even plot the delivery distribution around the yard for future documentation. But I fear this could be a lifelong endeavor. Gorgo doesn’t play by the rules.

(In the meantime, at least Bonnie will be able to retrieve her paper from awkward places with pride, decency and en vogue… thanks to PAJAMAGRAM!!)

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