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Lightning Smokes Smokin Gun’s Gig

By Nate | August 28, 2007

Smokin Gun featuring Vermont Teddy Bear’s own Cynthia SullivanThere are a million stories in every rock band, and Smokin Gun is no exception. When I asked Cynthia Sullivan if she had gig tales, she said, “Well, just last weekend…” Here’s the first of what will no doubt be a series of Smokin Gun stories.

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Smokin Gun is on a fairly steady rotation of clubs around Central/Northern Vermont. We also play private parties, and other various occasions. Wherever we go, we are always welcomed and loved for our band’s music and talent (not to toot my own horn…okay just a little). We rock!

There are gigs with some surprises and then there are some gigs that are fairly routine. One thing is for sure: gigs are NEVER boring!

This last Saturday night, the band was scheduled to play a club called “Gustos”, located in Barre. The band loves this club; big stage, indoor and outdoor bar, game room and a big dance floor. I would love to tell you a great tale about the folks that came to see us that night, but unfortunately Mother Nature chose that night to lay a huge bolt of lightning down on Barre.

As I rode through Barre and approached Gustos, I noticed the entire city had no power. People were walking/playing in the streets and the police were patrolling the areas. At Gustos, everyone was outside, waiting. I thought, “Uh oh”. Needless to say, the band couldn’t play that night. With the bar absolutely black inside, there was no way we could even see to set up, let alone having power to boost our equipment.

The manager sent all the wait staff home and locked the door at 8pm. He said “good-by” to us, said he was sorry, and that he would talk with us later.

The band stood outside, still hoping the power would miraculously come on…we watched as they all drove away. We REALLY wanted to rock that house and play on that big stage.

After the bar had totally shut down and everyone had left, guess what happened about 15 minutes later. The electricity came back on.

No, we still didn’t play, although we waited for a bit, standing outside the club.

I did hear that the bar re-opened later that night.

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One Response to “Lightning Smokes Smokin Gun’s Gig”

  1. Larry Says:
    October 17th, 2008 at 4:17 pm


    Thank God I got you guys into Gusto’s. I understand your doing a suitable job. I hope all is well and you are still having fun. Me, im on tour with the Green Mountain Pranksters. We just finished up our “college” tour (summer) and are now booking all the big clubs locally for winter dates. So, everything is good with me!

    Keep singin your ass off.

    Remember if you can’t sway ’em, smack ’em!