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Yard Sale!

By Nate | September 19, 2007

‘Yard Sale’ at Vermont Teddy Bear Old FactoryWhen you need to make room in your garage, you have a garage sale. When we need to make some room in our factory, we have a factory yard sale.

The late summer sun rose on a bustling yard sale hosted by our Green Team. It was nice enough outside that we coulda had it on our actual yard, but it’s a Bear-Crew-only event…plus, you can never count on the weather.

The sale items hail mostly from sister businesses PajamaGram and Calyx Flowers, so they include items such as pajamas, gowns, slippers, robes, vases, and hatboxes. I hear there were even some Teddy Bears there (did someone say “Christmas gifts“?), though most of the boxes I saw were sleepwear-related.

Ah, but to Be Bear is to share the honey, so in that spirit, the rest of the world is invited to rummage through our boxes, as it were, at the PJ Clearance Sale  and Spa Gifts Sale pages.

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