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Bear in the Crowd

By Nate | October 23, 2007

Bear mascot in Vermont Teddy Bear retail storeWe had a night of really hard rain last Friday here in Chittenden County, and much of the beautiful fall foliage began its seasonal voyage from branch to lawn to compost. Prior to that, there were still lots of leaves on the trees, which meant lots and lots of visitors.

Speaking of all our fall friends, here’s a picture taken earlier in the month during our first-of-two fall bake sale events put on to welcome visitors and raise money for United Way. You may have to study the picture closely, but if you really squint and concentrate, you just may be able to spot a special Vermont Teddy Bear hiding in his natural habitat. Also visible in the background is Angela Preston, helping out behind the sales counter.

Looking for a special Teddy Bear for a Christmas gift? Well…this particular Teddy Bear in the picture won’t be leaving his hideout any time soon. No worries, we’ve got lots of other likely candidates that will help you Be Bear and make time to connect with a loved one.

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