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“The Party Bear” Celebrates Red Sox Victories!

By Meg | October 26, 2007

red-sox-bear-in-albuquerque.jpgE-mail Subject: for the Red Sox fans at the VTBC
Sent: Friday, October 26

My husband and I are proud caretakers of one of your Vermont Teddy Bears. We named him “The Party Bear” because he loves to party! This week is a special time for him because he is celebrating the Red Sox being in the World Series. Since we moved from Boston two years ago, we have been members of the New Mexico Chapter of Red Sox nation.

We thought the folks back at the Factory would enjoy seeing The Party Bear in his Red Sox uniform, enjoying himself in between innings on the bumper of the Dunkin’ Donuts van outside the shop on Rt. 66 in downtown Albuquerque. (Yes, we have Dunkin Donuts out here, but not enough of them for true New Englanders!)

Hopefully, everyone back home is as excited about the Red Sox as our little Party Bear! Go Sox!

Mary K.
Albuquerque, NM

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