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A Letter from a Family Member

By Wendy | May 25, 2010

Hi All,

We just got this letter from a recently adopted Bear who is very much enjoying his new family. Many thanks to his family for sending it in! Enjoy! 🙂

March 2010

Hey all you guys back in Shelburne,

Had to let you know I am safe and well after my big adventure. After I left the factory where I was born I landed in a house in Seattle. Oh! This is going to be nice, I thought but the next thing I knew I was back in my box. and they put paper all round my box but left a little hole in the side I was able to see through. Next thing I knew I was on one of those big silver birds that you see flying about the sky, you guys call them jets. Well 9 hours later I arrived somewhere called Edinburgh. Then I saw a sign saying Scotland. No wonder I felt a bit weary that’s a long way.

Anyway I was then put in a big red van, it said Post Office on the side. Where am I going now, I thought. Anyway after what seemed a long and bumpy ride, I arrived in a place called Hawick. They have a strange accent and pronounce it “Hoick”. I was then taken to a nice little house and met my new mum. She is really sweet. I also have some other teddy friends. Also there is a little white dog that runs about the place. He is okay, told me his name is Eddie after Frasier’s dog on the T.V. So I am now living in the lovely Scottish borders and I am very happy.

Will always think about you all.

Love from,

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