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Happy Birthday USA!

By Nate | July 5, 2011

Kirstin LaMonde's photos of Burlington, Vermont's 2011 Independence Day fireworks
Photo by Kirstin LaMonde

The United States of America turned 235 yesterday (but doesn’t look a day over 129). Here in Vermont, we take part in many different ways of celebrating Independence Day, celebrating “lowercase i” independence, and just plain celebrating being here in the beautiful Green Mountain State.

What would Independence Day be without fireworks? We got ’em, and, ayuh, we use ’em. I was impressed with this year’s July 3rd fireworks display over Burlington Harbor, which I’ve seen improve over the years to include representational art…well, OK, depictions of smiley faces, but a friend told me she saw a fireworks “11” –as in “2011”– in the show. Meanwhile, photographer Kirstin LaMonde brought her tripod along with her family and managed to catch some delightful silhouette shots of Burlington’s fireworks show.


Video of 2007 Lawn Chair Brigade for Independence Day parade in Williston, Vermont

And what would Independence Day be without a parade? We’re known for weird and wonderful parade antics, not the least of which is Williston’s famed Lawn Chair Brigade, which demonstrates that even chillin’ in a chair can be turned into a choreographed show (this particular performance captured in 2007).

For an up-to-date look at other great Vermont parades this past weekend, check out photographer Joshua Lambert’s series for Saturday’s Independence Day parade in Waterbury. Also highly recommended: Curtis Savard’s wonderful series for yesterday’s 4th of July parade in Warren, which really captures some of the independent flavor that our state, and the Warren parade in particular, is known for.

Political Campaigning
And what would an Independence Day parade be without at least one politician kissing babies and shaking hands? OK, so we’re currently between elections, but last year’s Independence Day parade in Warren featured Galen von Wodtke, a then-6th-grader who was campaigning for governor representing a local environmental group. No word on how many votes he got in the election (spoiler alert: he didn’t win), but the fact that Galen was motivated enough to get himself out there speaks well for his future prospects, not to mention for our state.

Vote Mom for President Bear from Vermont Teddy Bear

And if you have a loved one who appreciates the righteous enthusiasm of Independence Day, they may love receiving the patriotic gift of The All-American Teddy Bear, a Mom Bear decked out in Red, White, and Blue, and holding an apple pie. And, since next year we’re voting for President, it’s not too early to throw your support in for Mom for President, who takes it up a notch with her own campaign button and poster. No word yet on whether she has her own Twitter account.

You know about us. How about you? How did you spend your Independence Day this year?

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