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Supporting Artisan Women in Colombia, One Wrist at a Time

By Nate | July 18, 2011

Click for Bear Head Tagua Bracelet

Nobody knows warm fuzzies like Vermont Teddy Bear. Our Teddy Bears are delightfully warm and fuzzy all over (especially our huggably-soft Snow, Maple, and Espresso fur Bears in 15″, 22″, 36″ sizes), and nothing beats the warm and fuzzy feeling you get once your loved one has received his or her new Vermont Teddy Bear.

But there’s a different kind of warm fuzzy, and it’s the kind you feel when you know that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life, especially when that someone is coming from an impoverished background. That’s part of the motivation behind Hope for Women, a Vermont-based distributor of “handcrafted, fair trade, eco-friendly products made by economically disadvantaged women worldwide” (per their website). They work with women-owned businesses and artisans in order to connect their products with the American market, where they have a better chance at making significantly more than their home country’s minimum wage (3-5 times more, per Hope for Women’s FAQ page).

We’re happy to be part of the Hope for Women story by offering the Bear Head Tagua Bracelet, a natural and organic ornament for your wrist. It’s made from the seed of a Colombian rainforest tree, the tagua palm, which is only harvested once the seed’s fallen to the ground, so it’s a very sustainable practice. Tagua is so much like ivory that it’s called the “ivory of the rainforest”, so it’s a wonderful medium for artisans to work with for carving.

Our Bear Head Tagua Bracelet is etched with our signature Bear Head logo, so by wearing one, you can let the world know that you’re Being Bear in all the best ways: spreading goodness and support and connecting with people who traditionally have not been able to benefit from their work. That’s a warm fuzzy that lasts all year ’round.

(Cheers to the Hope for Women blog for the recent, kind write-up.)

An how about you? Have you had any experience with fair trade products?

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