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Bringing Relaxation to a New Level

By Nate | August 8, 2011

A wonderful relaxation gift - Spa Day Vermont Teddy Bear

Some Vermont Teddy Bears work hard. Some play hard. And some…just kick back and sink into a blissful state of perpetual relaxation.

That would be Spa Day Bear. If there were an Olympics of chillaxin’, she’d take home the gold every time. This pampered Bear is luxuriously adorned in terry slippers, a terry bath robe with pink piping (and that you can personalize with an initial), a spa turban, and, of course, the all-important cucumber eye mask. And, as if just gazing on her weren’t enough to make your loved one start to chill out, Spa Day Bear also comes with two Tea Forte Sanctuary Tea infusers that help bring a little more of the spa back home.

Spa Day Bear is like a fuzzy spa avatar (“Spa-vatar”?), projecting a piece of yourself into a wonderful world where the hot tub is always on and steaming, the lounge chair is always plush and supportive, and the massage therapist is always ready to work the last piece of stress out. Not a bad relaxation gift, eh?

So who came up with the idea to put cuke slices on the eyes in the first place? What did they do, ceaselessly try out every single veggie in the garden? “Carrot? Nope. Zucchini? Nope. Onion? Ooh…NOPE!”

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