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Hang Ten!

By Nate | August 15, 2011

One stoked surfing dude - Hang Ten Vermont Teddy Bear

One kickin' stick - Vermont Teddy Bear Surfboard

Vermont has no shortage of natural beauty (it is called the Green Mountain State, after all), but one thing it doesn’t have is ocean coasts with surfable waves. Ahh, but that means nothing to Surf’s Up Bear, our laid-back king of the surf.

Clad in black shades and blue board shorts (a/k/a baggies) with a snazzy Hawaiian-style pattern, this guy is ready for some serious fun in the sun. Whether he’s poolside or chasing waves, Surf’s Up Bear has the right attitude for that special person who gets stoked for a summery shore or wishes they could be there right now.

But where’s his surfboard? Ahhh, that’s available separately, but it’s boss: a kickin’ short board in ocean blue and white and the VTBC paw print logo. The surfboard even comes with its own with its own leg rope so your Bear won’t lose it in the waves.

Bonus tip of the day: Looking for a surfer girl? Check out Beach Babe Bear, our nectar dudette!

Bonus bonus tip of the day: If you come to visit us in Shelburne, Vermont, and you love surfing culture (or just good food), consider checking out The Spot just 15 minutes north of us in Burlington. Their motto is, “Surfing killer grindage everyday”, and they really commit to the surf theme with sandwiches like “The Ground Swell” and “The Banzai Pipeline.” Radical!

Wait? What’s that sound coming in from the distance…?

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