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Going the Distance, Again and Again

By Nate | August 22, 2011

Burlington Free Press article: 'Burlington shines along with sun as thousands swim, bike and run'

…So how was your weekend? For Sarah Pribram, our Vice President of Marketing Services, and Jason Baer, our Director of Analysis and Forecasting, it was a good one, indeed.

As you may remember, Sarah and Jason were psyched to compete on Saturday, August 20, in the USA Triathlon Age Group and Sprint National Championships taking place in and around Burlington, Vermont. It was an absolutely beautiful day in the Champlain Valley, so the swimming-biking-running athletes and their many cheering fans were treated to just about the best August weather they could have hoped for. Tim Johnson of the Burlington Free Press has a nice writeup of the event, and if you like to drink your coffee along with a towering cascade of stats, check out all the competitors’ metrics at Online Race Results’ data page for the 2011 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships.

So how did our intrepid Bear Crew members do? Sarah came in 45/108 in her age group and 204/665 for all the women competing, and Jason came in 22/112 in his age group and 155/984 for all the men. Strong work, indeed!

Jason’s on the road today, but I caught up with Sarah via email and asked a few follow-up questions.

How did you feel about your performance and about the event overall?
My performance was OK, not great. I didn’t have a strong swim, but my bike was pretty good, and although I wasn’t feeling like I was running fast, I ended up with a good run time. I was hoping to be in the middle of the pack, and I was a little better than that, so overall I’m happy with my result. I’m also excited because I know I’ve got opportunity to improve for next year.

The experience was absolutely exceptional. To be able to compete in a national event in our backyard was amazing. The race was incredibly well run, the volunteers and crowds were great, and competing at a big race with so many friends also racing was icing on the cake.

Anything funny or notable during the event?
Probably the most notable thing was that the only American ever to win a medal in Triathlon at the Olympics is in my age group, so there I was treading water right beside her (she ended up winning the whole race).

Any race metrics you would prefer to share?
The only metric that really matters is that Jason didn’t catch me during the bike until two houses after mine so I won that portion of the bet! Just past my house I heard someone coming up behind me, and Jason yelled, “Sarah, you got me!” I gave a “Wahoo!” back, and then we were able to cheer for each other one more time on the out & back portion of Dorset Street.

When’s the next event?
I already did my next event – the day after the triathlon I ran the Bramble Scramble at Catamount in Williston which was a 15K trail race. I’m doing Race to the Top of Vermont (4.6 mile run up the Mt. Mansfield Toll Rd) next weekend and I’m looking at the schedule to figure out my next tri.

There’s this little thing called “resting” that you’re allowed to do after huge endurance races…
I’m actually really good at resting, but just couldn’t resist yesterday’s run, and I had a blast! I viewed it as a run, not a race, but still ran pretty hard, plus there was a BBQ with beer after!

Thanks to Sarah for the follow-up, and congratulations to both Sarah and Jason for doing so well by staying true to their Bear Souls!

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