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Ted E. Bear for Lake Monsters Mascot!

By Jamey | August 31, 2011

Okay, so I have nothing against Champ. Great guy (uh, monster?) and he is somewhat cuddly and lovable (for a monster, that is). And yes, he has a great history in the state, being in Lake Champlain for ever and ever. But isn’t it time to look at the other animals in Vermont that are a part of our heritage?

I think that it is time to look at a new mascot, and Monday night we sent out Laura and Cubby to scope out Centennial Field to think of the possibilities.


Cubby the Vermont Teddy Bear and Laura


After surveying the crowd and indulging in a warm salted pretzel with (what else?) honey mustard, Laura and Cubby believe that a bear would be perfect as a mascot, and this is why;


Vermont Lake Monsters mascot Champ commuting via helicopter
Picture courtesy of Vermont Lake Monsters’ photostream


Okay, that is my case. We will be glad to have Champ back to visit, and will even have a birthday party for him every year. As long as he likes “Honey, I’m Home” Ben and Jerry’s with his cake… 😉 (And if you’re ever in need of great sports gifts, we’ve got a whole bunch of Vermont Teddy Bears ready to join all kinds of teams!)

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