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Get a FREE Bear with this PAWsome Valentine’s Day Deal!

By Brittany | February 10, 2012

Hey Vermont Teddy Bear fans, how would you like to get a FREE 15″ Hoodie-Footie Bear for Valentine’s Day?

Be sure to tell your Valentine because with this deal you CAN! For only $99 (the normal price of JUST the Big Hunka Love Bear) you can receive BOTH the Hoodie-Footie Bear AND the Big Hunka Love Bear! The Hoodie-Footie Bear will come now, and the Big Hunka Love Bear will be a pleasant surprise in June! Who says Valentine’s Day should be on only one day a year? Make Valentine’s Day last!

Share this deal with your Valentine–it’s a good one! You can find more information about the Now & Later Gift Set on the Vermont Teddy Bear website: click here to view.

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2 Responses to “Get a FREE Bear with this PAWsome Valentine’s Day Deal!”

  1. Ken Says:
    February 13th, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    This is a great deal but very discriminatory. I just chatted with one of your CSR and they told me this is the only combo being offered. I need to buy a bear combo for another man….. Considering you are in Vermont to say the least. The fact that you boast about special orders etc. I was amazed you could and or would NOT accomodate my needs and you most likely would have made more money as well and kept a loyal customer as I have ordered from you in the past. I need a different colored hoodie or to order a different bear at the $69.99 range or higher and if higher VTB makes more money and please some one from the gay community. This offer is directly addressing straight couples with NO deviation from the offer and thus discriminating. Very very disappointed and I will have to talk more about this via blogs and facebook as well.

  2. Nate Says:
    February 13th, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    Hey Ken, I’m really sorry to hear that we couldn’t make the Now & Later Gift Set work out, and I regret that it felt less than fair.

    Although we would love to be able to offer every single one of our Teddy Bears as part of Now & Later Gift Sets, the reality is that we have a finite amount of inventory we can offer, so we try to predict the Bears we think would be the most popular. Once we’ve created these Gift Sets, the Bears are “locked in”, and we can’t substitute other Bears for them.

    We really appreciate your reaching out to us, and we’re certainly going to consider offering Now & Later Gift Sets with a wider variety of options in the future.